Membership Opportunities

Reads Air offers our frequent flyers special membership pricing.

We do both a subscription based service and pre purchase credits to bring your costs down.

Subscriptions start at $1,500/month and pre purchase credits start at $6,750.

Call or schedule an appointment for more details.

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Reads Air, LLC Acts As A Bona Fide Agent, Commonly Referred To As An Air Charter Broker, Whereas Reads Air Acts As An Agent On Behalf Of Our Select Clientele (The Charterer) In Obtaining Air Charter Services With Direct Air Carriers And Direct Foreign Air Carriers That Exercise Operational Control Of The Flights At All Times. Reads Air Is NOT A Registered 14 CFR Part 135 Direct Air Carrier, Nor Does It Provide Air Carrier Services. We Select Only From Direct Air Carriers And Direct Foreign Air Carriers That Hold The Requisite Form Of Economic Authority From The Department Of Transportation And Appropriate Safety Authority From The Federal Aviation Administration, And, If Applicable, A Foreign Safety Authority. Operators Are Solely Responsible For The Air Transportation By Reads Air For Its Clients. Reads Air Does Not Own Or Operate The Aircraft On Which Our Clients Fly. Reads Air Complies With All Charter Broker Rules Contained In 14 CFR Part 295.

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